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Meet Your No-BS Coach Nik

My name is Nik Kurdoyak, and I am your ultimate fitness coach with a unique story. It is my passion to help people build head-turning physiques, boost their badassery, and become unstoppable.

Fitness is NOT a barrier to making more money, taking care of your family, etc. Your health, appearance, confidence, energy, drive, and how you carry yourself - all have an immense impact on every little aspect of your life. The better you look and feel – the better you do everywhere else!

The last decade of my life has been a constant hit after hit. But, the thing that’s NEVER changed was my insane commitment to fitness, and it has always helped me push through hard times, keep up my passions, stay true to myself, and keep going towards my wildest dreams. And I am here to help YOU!

Turn Into a Beast With My No-BS Coaching Program

The online world is full of fitness programs that provide you with training routines, nutrition plans, weekly check-ins, etc. However, many people need a completely different approach to achieve dramatic and long-lasting changes. That’s where my program comes into play…

The program goes way beyond just giving you training and nutrition plans. The program doesn’t provide you with just a coach, but rather a partner and mentor right there beside you, supporting you daily. The program, apart from helping you build a great physique, will transform you as a person. And, the program that doesn’t tolerate any BS. If you are looking for quick and easy fixes, want just to lose a few pounds, or expect a soft attitude that will accept all your excuses and fuck-ups – my program is NOT for you. I am here to help you the REAL way and I take every little detail of our journey seriously, and I expect the same from you.

Are you ready to join hundreds of others who have already built head-turning physiques, obtained ultimate confidence, and have become the ultimate versions of themselves?

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Other Services To Help You Level Up Your Life

Apart from full-time coaching, I provide a wide range of other services, subscriptions, and offers, such as:

  • Zoom calls
  • Zoom workout sessions
  • Exercise form analysis and feedback
  • WhatsApp mentoring (FREE Trial)

Also, I am open to other offers and proposals as long as they are credible, reliable, legitimate, and serious.

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Join My Referral Program

Make money and build passive income by referring people to join my program’s FREE trial.

Once your referrals decide to continue past a free trial, depending on which one of my packages they choose and how they pay (monthly or upfront), you can make up to 100$ per month per referral and up to 400$ as a one-time payment.

Contact me to refer those you care about and earn for you.

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