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My name is Nik Kurdoyak, and I am your ultimate fitness and life mentor. It is my passion to help people build their best bodies, transform their minds, and start living more powerful lives.

Today people tend to neglect their body and health, justifying it with having so many work and family commitments, and delaying a healthy lifestyle for years and even decades later. However, it works the complete opposite way – success in other areas STARTS WITH YOUR HEALTH. The better you look and feel – the better you do in your career, family life, and everywhere else.

I have a crazy and tough journey behind me. I was born in a rotten Siberian town, come from a very rough background, lost my dad when I was 11, lived in 3 different countries, experienced severe instability, and much more. But, the thing that’s NEVER changed in my life was my commitment to fitness, and it has always helped me push through hard times, keep up my passions, and keep going towards my wildest dreams. And I am here to help YOU!

Online Coaching and Mentoring

The online world is full of fitness programs that provide you with training routines, nutrition plans, weekly check-ins, etc. However, many people need “soft” things to achieve dramatic and long- lasting changes.

I take pride in creating the only program of its kind. The program goes way beyond just giving you training and nutrition plans. TrainedByNik’s program will provide the highest level of thoroughness, root cause analysis, and attention to detail. I will also mentor you, educate you, and will be right there beside you EVERY SINGLE DAY supporting you. People who get on board with me are NOT just my customers, we become partners.

But, there is even more to it than that. At this point, don’t take my word for anything else, just follow the link and see it all for yourself (including client success stories)

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My YouTube Channel

Here you can find my free videos on training, nutrition, supplements, mindset, health, and recovery. To help you build a head-turning physique and improve your well-being.

Also, you will find content on mindset, self-development, life lessons I've learned the hard way, my journey, and much more. I have a crazy journey behind me, and I am passionate about sharing my experiences with others, to help you grow and improve in other areas as well.

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