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Build A Head-Turning Physique, Become A
High-Performing Machine, And Live A More Powerful Life

Peter Barber, Singapore

CEO/Owner of ComCrop

“Nik is the real deal. He stood out to me for his direct, no-nonsense attitude and he is the man who speaks the truth. Most importantly though, he sincerely cares about clients' results and satisfaction. I was expremely picky with choosing a coach, and Nik has proven himself. I am very happy to work with TrainedByNik."

Simon Latarche, UK

Entrepreneur, Investor

"In the beginning, I was very skeptical, but after just the first week, I realized I made the best decision ever. Nik completely transformed my body, health, mindset, and energy levels. I simply live a much better and happier life. Nik not only delivers, but over-delivers, and is also very knowledgeable, dedicated, and inspirational."

Steve Bolton, UK

Celebrity mentor

“Nik is the best coach I've ever had in my entire life, and under his coaching I was able to not only build my best body, but also boost my business performance. I also invested in my team to work with Nik, and none of them has failed. I highly recommend Nik not only to individuals, but to corporate teams as well.

Meet Coach Nik

Hello, my name is Nik Kurdoyak, and I am a professional fitness and peak performance coach. I represent my brand TrainedByNik, and it's my passion to help people build great-looking bodies, become high-performance machines, and live more powerful lives.

I've been an athlete my whole life. It all started with a huge passion for hardcore downhill mountain biking, which later transitioned into health and fitness. Being in a great physical shape always helped me go through hard times, perform better at work, be a better husband, and just live a much happier life. And that's why it's my passion now to help others achieve the same. If you look good, feel good and are full of energy - you have a higher self-worth, drive, and confidence, all of which will positively impact all other areas of your life and even people around you.

I have a degree in fitness from Niagara College Canada, multiple certifications, and have worked with some of the best people in the industry, including the fitness legend Amer "The Hammer" Camra. I worked as an in-person trainer, in-home trainer, and even as a coach in a drug and alcohol rehab facility. By this point, I've already helped hundreds of people build their best bodies and transform their minds.

And, of course I can't finish my bio without mentioning that I am a huge animal lover :)


My program provides the guidance, insights, and tools you need to radically transform your body and mind in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Also, my online fitness coaching program stands out for its immense flexibility in regards to each individual client and pricing. All with the purpose of providing you with the service that matches your goals, level of commitment, support you need, budget, etc.

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​I have the YouTube channel where you can find loads of FREE video content on training, nutrition, supplements, nonsense-busting, mindset, health, recovery, and much more. So you have the opportunity to understand and practice the advanced concepts I've derived from the decade of learning, researching, experimenting, and delivering mind-blowing results to my clients.

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