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  • Become Relentless


I Will Be Very Direct With You…
I Don’t Think You Are A Great Fit For It

Many people simply don’t realize what it takes to make a REAL change. They believe it’s fine to half-ass the process (because they are so busy with many commitments) but still get great results.

Enough BS. The last decade of your life has been a cheat meal and sloth. You’ve got your body, health, energy levels, and confidence to the point of complete misery and embarrassment. When was the last time you were proud of your reflection in the mirror? When was the last time you felt confident at the beach?

Time to cut it off right there. No more bitching and making dumb excuses. Time to realize that having a great-looking physique and becoming a goddamn machine will only help you attract more business opportunities, be a better family man and partner and simply live a happier, more powerful life.

That’s where my extremely determined, NO-BS program comes into play…

Mind-blowing transformation journey and what’s unique about TrainedByNik

"I haven’t met anybody that’s changed my life to this extent"

Rich Courtemanche from Canada

Salesman in the mining industry

Only dumbbells, minimal food sacrifices, still insane results

"What makes Nik stand out is his direct, no-nonsense style"

Peter Barber From Singapore

Well-known Entrepreneur and family man

Got in the best shape of his life in only 3 months and even transformed his career

"The greatest example of the best decision ever made"

John From New York

Company Vice-President

Steve Bolton

British Entrepreneur and celebrity mentor

"Out of 7 people I referred to Nik, not a single one has failed"


Writer from the UK

“I couldn’t believe I would achieve such results with my health limitations and training at home only 3 times a week”

Simon Lattarche

British CFO and Investor

“At the beginning I was skeptical to start Nik’s program, but now even my 12-year old son also works with Nik”

Want to speak with some of my clients personally? Not a problem! Send a message request to +1-786-741-7710 (in WhatsApp) with your name and the name of the client(s) you would like to speak to, and I will provide you with the contact information

Why Choose TrainedByNik and The Reasons To Apply Right NOW

  • I will show you how to get serious results while training less and without hardcore diets.
  • I will introduce you to advanced techniques 98% of people have NO IDEA about. To unlock the ultimate progress in your muscle building, fat loss, and mindset transformation.
  • I will NOT allow you to keep doing what doesn’t work or stops working. With me, it’s all about the straight-line path toward your dream body. With my painstaking attention to detail, not a single weak link will hold us back.
  • Building and maintaining a killer physique is impossible without going through personal and mindset transformations. So, I won’t afford to take it easy on you. But, as a result, you will turn into a beast with a relentless commitment to fitness.
  • The longer you wait, the more pain it will be to transform later. Every day you wait you make an extra step in the adverse direction. How far do you want to take it?
  • And, finally, what do you have to lose? You’ve got a 7-day FREE trial to see if the program is a great fit for you or not. So, drop any excuses and just try it!

Now just imagine being that brand-new, unrecognizable version of yourself in 4-12 months.

My program goes beyond just giving you training and nutrition plans to follow

An in-depth analysis of workouts and exercise execution

NOT a single rep during your sets will be disregarded. NOT a little form imperfection will be ignored. I will deep dive into every little detail of your training (which you will log in the app and send videos using WhatsApp), provide you with the feedback and update your progress for next workout. To ensure the straight line quickest success to your best physique, maximize your training efficiency, and also guarantee your safety.

Extensive guidance on nutrition and supplementation with thorough feedback

You will never hear me saying things like “You are good”, “I like it, keep it up”, or just giving you thumbs up. Instead, I will dig into every gram of your nutrients (which you will log via MyFitnessPal, it’s very simple), and give you an in-depth response on how we can improve it while making it as sustainable as possible. Plus, if you want to level up the game and start taking (LEGAL) supplements, I will provide you with a completely individualized list, how to take these supplements and in what amounts based on your individual factors (goals, weight, age, etc.).

Regular progress check-ins followed by root cause analysis

I won’t take it easy when it comes to your measurements and body pictures. I will analyze every little aspect of your results to get a clear understanding of what’s happening to your body, and (if needed) adjust your training, nutrition or recovery to optimize your progress at the highest level possible. Again, to ensure the straight path towards the body you want, and minimize/eliminate set-backs and plateaus. We have no time to waste doing something that doesn’t get the results.

Life coaching, immediate support and routine adaptation

Do you face challenging times? Have to travel? Got sick? Planning a vacation? I will modify your training, nutrition, and everything else to adapt your routine perfectly for all kinds of circumstances. Plus, remember, I am NOT just your trainer, and you are NOT just my customer. We are partners, and you can rely on my support at any time.

BONUS: Do you like to talk? I support conversations on other topics as well.

And it still doesn’t stop there

Your whole health and fitness aspects of your life managed by me

You will never spend even a second of your time wondering what to do next or what should be changed. Any research, analysis, corrections – everything is delegated to me. So you can focus on your life, family, work, hobbies, etc

Got health conditions or physical limitations? Not a problem!

It’s very common for some trainers to push clients beyond their limits, causing injuries and serious fatigue. But, for me, your health and safety are always the biggest priority, even if it means a little slower progress

Live zoom workout sessions and coaching calls

Right, I will provide you with all the available tools to ensure your best workout execution and to discuss everything we need in more details

The apps that give you easy access to everything you need

Yes, I’ve optimized the process as best as I could to make sure you don’t feel burdened and overwhelmed. It’s very time-efficient and simple to follow

Look, I get it…

You are very busy with business, work, family, and many other commitments. You feel like now is not the right time for fitness. You hope for some fictional time in the future when things “calm down a bit” and then you will finally start taking care of yourself.

However, the hard truth of life is that the perfect time never comes. There will always be hit after hit, you will set new career goals after you achieve your current ones, etc. When was the last time you had a “perfect” period? For how long did it last? How many promises to start taking care of your body and health you’ve already broken?

Time to finally realize it, get your shit together, stop being a bitch and excuse maker, and make fitness an unbreakable part of your lifestyle so nothing can stop you again and so you NEVER go back to that point of misery and embarrassment.

With me, it is possible. During the last decade, my life kept punching me in the face hard, but, regardless, I still did whatever it took to stay true to myself, my priorities and my values, including my hardcore commitment to health and fitness. And, I am here to help you and show you how to as well!

Who the program is for and not for

You want to make significant changes in your physique, mindset, and lifestyle, and understand it will take some time

You just want to lose a few pounds and planning to do the program for only a few weeks

You are seriously dedicated and willing to give it at least 80-90% commitment

You are an excuse maker with a careless attitude, or just lazy and unreliable

You are looking for more than just fitness training. You need a coach/partner who will provide a whole new level of guidance and mentorship

All you want is just training and nutrition plans, and you believe you don’t need the guidance on exercise execution, comprehensive feedbacks, mindset and life coaching, etc.

You are ready to accept constructive criticism, some tough love and even hard truth because you care about growth, improvement and serious progress

You expect that I will be too understanding, empathetic and forgiving to your potential excuses, justifications, sloth, etc.

You are open to a bit of education/indoctrination (through my messages and premium content) on why we do things the way we do them, and willing to ask questions

You have a “just tell me what to do and that’s it” kind of mindset. You believe you are “too busy” to invest just a little bit of your time to gain top-notch insights and knowledge (that 95% of people have no idea about) for your own future self-sufficiency

My final message to you is…

93% of my clients crash their fitness goals and make their lives better. That’s right, and I am very honest about it, not completely everybody makes it all the way to where they want. However, if you are willing to challenge yourself and give it your 80-90% commitment as my clients above did, I GUARANTEE that, in 4-12 months, you will have it all…


A great-looking physique


Elevated confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness


Higher social status, more respect from others, and more opportunities

Role Model

Being a role model for your family and others


Boosted energy, drive, performance, and stress resiliency


A lifetime relentless commitment to your health and fitness

Let’s Unleash The BEAST Together!


Get a taste of the program’s ultimate value with a 7-day FREE trial. NO payment information required.

Save 20% with a 4-months pack.

Best for the maintenance mode
  • Weekly progress check-ins and feedback
  • Timely training and nutrition adjustments
  • 1 exercise form videos for analysis per week
  • Weekly nutrition feedback
  • Basic guidance on supplements
  • Monthly training feedback and progress updates
  • Basic monthly lifestyle audit
  • Response time – within 24 hours
  • Coaching calls
  • Zoom workout sessions
  • Weekend availability
Best value
Great progress at your own pace
  • Weekly progress check-ins and feedback
  • Timely training and nutrition adjustments
  • 3 exercise form videos for analysis per week
  • 2 times per week nutrition feedback
  • Basic guidance on supplements
  • Bi-weekly training feedback and progress updates
  • Basic monthly lifestyle audit
  • Response time – within 12 hours
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Monthly Zoom workout sessions
  • Weekend availability
Fast track to a great-looking body
  • Weekly progress check-ins and feedback
  • Timely training and nutrition adjustments
  • 5 exercise form videos for analysis per week
  • 3 times per week nutrition feedback
  • Thorough guidance on supplements
  • Weekly training feedback and progress updates
  • Detailed bi-weekly lifestyle audit
  • Response time – 6 hours
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls
  • Bi-weekly Zoom workout sessions
  • Weekend availability

* The packages can be customized specifically for your goals and needs

** Results may vary between individuals

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I do. In fact, usually around 1/3 of my clients are women.

My program is 100% online, however, I usually work with people from the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are from another country and want to apply, please contact me first.

100% you can workout at home and I will build your custom programs around the equipment you have, your schedule, goals, etc. Even though I can suggest going to the gym for best possible results, if you can’t - I will do my best to optimize your home workout routine.

My program is hardcore in terms of my commitment and dedication to your best possible success, NOT in terms of pushing you above the limits, yelling at you, etc. You want that “good” kind of intensity to ensure a serious and long-lasting change. I want to make sure you can maintain your results even after you stop working with me.

I’ve had people making insane transformations in only 3 months, as well as I had clients who took up to 12 months. It all primarily depends on your commitment level, learning curve, how often you face obstacles (that make you go off track) your genetics, and other things. I am going to be your daily partner supporting and guiding you throughout all of these to do whatever it takes to keep you on the straight quickest line towards your best possible transformation. And if you are willing to commit to the journey and follow my guidance - I can GUARANTEE you will see the first changes in a matter of just a few weeks and massive changes a few months down the road.

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