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Most Peoples' Approach To Getting In Shape Is All Wrong.

But, it's not their fault.

You might think that to build a great-looking body, you need to spend 2-3 hours in a gym 5-6 days a week.

You might think that the only way to achieve six-pack abs is to starve, crunch, and repeat.

You might think that achieving peak physical fitness is all about training more and dieting hard. Wrong.

Instead, real change happens when you do things SMARTER.

So you need a special approach.

What Does Working Out Smarter Look Like?

Using a program that's designed specifically for your abilities and goals.

Getting real-time feedback on proper form for the most efficient progress in muscle building and fat loss.

Learning the foundational principles so you become self-sufficient in your fitness journey.

Delegating all the research on me, so I crack the code to your own, most sustainable and efficient fitness journey.

Knowing what to eat and when to eat for best progress and without starving yourself.

Having someone there to keep you accountable, supported, and on the straight path towards success.

And, most importantly...

Having more time outside the gym to live your life.

And That's Where TrainedByNik's Coaching Comes In...

The Core Pillars Of The Program

Efficiency & Sustainability Ensuring Your Self-Sufficiency
Advanced Skills & Knowledge Complete Customization

Efficiency And Sustainability

Teaching you how to train SMART and achieve the MOST results with LESS time spent on training, so you do not have to live in a gym to achieve great results.

Helping you with a sustainable and even enjoyable nutrition plan, to make sure you don't feel overly restricted and miserable.

With me, you won't have to live in a gym and follow hardcore diets to achieve great results. You will still enjoy your life and the process.

Complete Customization And Individual Guidance

My coaching program entails complete flexibility and is built specifically for you to provide the guidance, insights, and tools you need individually to match your own goals and needs. From every aspect of my coaching to the price point, to ensure you get the results you want, at a pace you want, with the guidance you need individually.

My program has NO automation in place. I do all the work with clients personally and manually, paying attention to all the little details, and with complete focus and dedication to their success. You will never wonder what's next or what you are doing wrong.

Advanced Knowledge And Skills

With me, you have the chance to learn and practice the foundational concepts I derived from the decade of learning, researching, and experimenting.

I don't just tell you what to do, I also explain to you WHY we do it that way. With the educational aspect of my coaching and premium content, you get empowered with advanced fitness principles and skills that 95% of people just have NO idea about.

Helping You Become Self-Sufficient

At some point, once you achieve that proficiency and mastery of the SMART approach, you will become self-sufficient in your fitness journey and won't have to rely on any other trainer or program again.

Client Success Stories

"At first, like everybody, I was a bit skeptical"

Peter Barber

Singaporean Businessman, the CEO of ComCrop

20-Week Results

Lost 9.5 inches off the waist
Lost 22 pounds in weight
Gained 12 pounds of muscle
Cut 10 years off his age

"Out Of 7 People I Referred To Nik, Not A Single One Has Failed"

Steve Bolton

Well-known British Entrepreneur And Celebrity Mentor

Steve completely transformed his body, health, energy levels, and other areas of life.

Steve was so impressed with the program that he onboarded 5 of his business partners and even 2 kids.

"In Just 3 Months I Already Got In The Best Shape Of My Life"


Company Vice-President From Virginia

1-Year Results

Lost 10.35 inches off the waist
Lost 35 pounds of weight
Gained 20 pounds of muscle
Skyrocketed his work performance, grew his team and got promoted.

"If You Want Life-Changing Results, Go With TrainedByNik"

Simon Lattarche

British Entrepreneur, Investor, And CFO

20-Week Results

Lost 12 cm off the waist
Lost 19 pounds of weight
Gained 10 pounds of muscle
Boosted his energy levels, improved his health, and transformed his mindset.

Even More Client Video Testimonials And Transformations

Bob Lindner

Ex-Policeman And Salesman From Ohio

"I live a very busy and stressful life, but Nik still helped me lose fat, gain muscle, and just look a whole lot better"

Rich Courtemanche

Sales Representative From Canada

"That first conversation I had with Nik was a turning point. If I could change just one thing - it would be meeting Nik sooner"

Robert "RJ" Falconi

Managing Director From Canada

"Nik did a job I didn't even expect. He has taken me to the level I've never been at before"

Jon Godden

Company CFO From The UK

"Even after just 2 weeks in Nik's program I started seeing results, making conscious choices, and live a much better life"

Lyda And Luis Montoya

Parent Couple From North Carolina

"Even though we were very skeptical at first, working with Nik turned out to be a completely life-changing experience"

Clare Godden

Mom Of Twins From The UK

"The results I've achieved with Nik are just phenomenal, nothing I've done in the past got me the results he did"

What Exactly My Program Will Provide You With?

An in-depth workout and exercise form analysis.

To improve your efficiency, maximize your progress, and ensure your safety.

Live zoom workout sessions and coaching calls.

To take your training mastery even further and discuss other aspects in more detail.

Extensive guidance on nutrition and supplementation.

To make sure we achieve the results we want as sustainably as possible.

Regular progress check-ins with timely routine adjustments.

To make sure we improve on a consistent basis and never get stuck.

The app that gives you easy access to everything you need.

To make sure our process is very time-efficient and simple to follow.

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Weekly progress check-ins and feedback
Timely training and nutrition adjustments
3 exercise form videos for analysis per week
Weekly nutrition feedback
Monthly training feedback
Response time – within 48 hours
Best value
Weekly progress check-ins and feedback
Timely training and nutrition adjustments
6 exercise form videos for analysis per week
2 times per week nutrition feedback
Bi-weekly training feedback
Response time – within 24 hours
Bi-weekly workout progress updates
Monthly coaching calls
Bi-weekly zoom training sessions
Weekly progress check-ins and feedback
Timely training and nutrition adjustments
10 exercise form videos for analysis per week
3 times per week nutrition feedback
Weekly training feedback
Response time – 12 hours
Weekly workout progress updates
Bi-weekly coaching calls
Weekly zoom training sessions
Weekend availability
In-depth guidance on supplements
Monthly in-depth lifestyle audit

* Workout progress updates – the exact guidance on what weights and reps to use for each specific exercise (based on your form, limitations, etc). For the fastest, most efficient, and safest progress possible.

So are you ready?

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